New Air Conditioner

What is the most important step to take with a new AC system?

When you have a new HVAC system installed make sure there is an AC service and repair plan included.  Do not accept the new heating and cooling system if the HVAC company will not include this plan.  All new air conditioning units should come with a repair and service plan of some sort.  This plan should be included in the warranty on the new heating and air system you have purchased.

It is extremely important to have a service and repair plan because if you do not you will spend tons of money.  Machines break and need repairing, there is nothing anyone can do about that.  A routine service plan will help keep the breaking of a system down to a minimum.  The less a system needs fixing the more you can enjoy the comfort of your home.

No Air Conditioning Through The Night

What do you do if your AC unit breaks in the middle of the night?

If your heat pump stops working in the middle of the night, you need a company that offers 24 hour AC repair service.  Not all HVAC contractors offer around the clock service.  So to find help in the middle of the night may not be as easy ask you think.  Once you do find a company that you like and trust its time for you to take the leap.  All you have to do is explain the problem and the air conditioning repair company will send someone out right away.

Now, there is one thing that needs to be understood, to get AC service in the middle of the night will cost a little extra.  You can’t expect for a HVAC repair contractor to come out at 3 a.m. and not charge extra.  The fee does vary with different companies.

Nothing But Hot Air

Have you noticed the heating up of the air in Wilmington, NC?

Everyone knows the city for 2 main reasons, the heating and air Wilmington NC has about it.  There is always a warm flow of air in the atmosphere around the city of Wilmington.  This is often followed by a cool gust of air from the ocean.  But without that cool gust of air, you will need a working AC unit or HVAC system to get cooled off.  There is no other way to escape the summer time heat that the area has to offer.

There is nothing worst then on a hot night your heat pump stops working.  The small fans in the house cannot produce enough cool air to make you comfortable.  Everyone whom lives in the area has experienced exactly what I am talking about.  This is why the area is known for its heating and air quality.

The Right HVAC Company

How do you find the right HVAC company in Wilmington, NC?

There are several HVAC companies Wilmington NC has to offer.  The question often asked though is which company is the right one to hire.  This is a question asked by both residents and commercial property owners on a daily basis.  The answer really all depends on what kind of heating and cooling work you need done.

Whether you need a commercial or residential HVAC contractor all depends on the project at hand.  If you own a warehouse for example, you will need an commercial ac repair company.   Now, when a house needs heating and cooling work done that requires a residential HVAC contractor.  You can find HVAC companies that are certified to perform all types of heating and air jobs though.

As you can see, finding the correct HVAC company all depends on the job you need completed.  The best thing to do is call around and ask each AC repair company plenty of questions before hiring them.

AC Problems In Your Home

Is your homes AC unit in need of repair?

When your air conditioner is not working properly in your house it can be a big problem.  The best thing to do is call a home AC repair Wilmington NC company to come and take a look.  You do not want to try and fix the problem yourself.  This is a common mistake made by many homeowners especially during the summer months.  More times than not when a resident tries to fix their heating and cooling unit themselves they end up making it worst.

This is why it is a better idea to call a professional heat pump repair company to come and take a look.  Also, if you try and fix the problem yourself and mess up, your HVAC units warranty will no longer be valid.  If your warranty does not cover the HVAC repair that is necessary it will cost you a whole lot of money to fix.

The Season For A Working HVAC

What seasons are most important for a working HVAC system in Wilmington, NC?

Many people struggle with which season is most important for their HVAC system to work correctly. The answer is all seasons HVAC Wilmington NC is equally important.  You don’t want your heating and cooling system taking breaks and then working harder at other times.  This can actually be very bad for your HVAC system.  It is very crucial that your air conditioning and heating repair work is done on a routine basis.  By doing this you ensure that you are guaranteed to have a good heating and air flow year around in your home.

Now, when you live somewhere tropical like the Wilmington, NC area having a routine HVAC service call is even more important.  The weather in coastal areas is different than the rest of the nation.  You are more likely to get  extremely hot air followed by cool in the same day.  This can cause immediate damage to your system.


Heat In The Air

The #1 thing to do when the air is heating up in Wilmington, NC

How do you balance the heating and air Wilmington NC produces each summer?  This is a question both residents and visitors ask themselves ever year.  The locals do have a better idea on how to keep cool during the heatwaves the summer brings with it.  Most people that live in the Wilmington, NC area have a pretty good HVAC system installed in their homes.  This allows them to control the heat and cool air to ensure the comfort year around.

Now, those whom are visiting do not have the choice of having their heating and cooling system.  They have to rely on whatever air conditioning or heating that is provided by the place they are staying.  For most part the hotels and condos that are rented out to tourist are well maintained.  They always have a routine HVAC service performed.

Starting An HVAC Company

How do you find a HVAC supplier when starting a company?

Finding a good HVAC supplier Wilmington NC is a must when starting a heating and cooling company.  How much you pay for your supplies will literally determine how much profit you can make.  Having to pay a lot for the items needed to perform a job can hurt your company.  When this happens you have only two choices.  You can either charge your customers less which cuts into your profits, or you can charge more.  Charging more money can result in getting less repeat business as well as new customers.

This is why it is crucial to find the right HVAC supply company from the start up of your company.  By partnering up from the beginning you can start off with great prices and attract more customers.  Money is not the only concern, you need to make sure your supplier has strong products.



New Buildings In Wilmington, NC

The 1 thing all new buildings in Wilmington, NC must have!

Every new building in the greater Wilmington area must have HVAC Wilmington NC installed in it.  There is no way you can open the new building to the public if you have not had this system installed yet.  Without an HVAC unit you cannot assure the comfort of your customers, employees or residents.  This is why there is a new requirement on all of the new buildings being built within the Wilmington, NC metropolitan area.

Now, if you been around for years and you do not have an HVAC system in place there is nothing anyone can do.  There are many small stores that use fans to maintain the comfort of their location.  This is the procedure they have been exercising for years and that is completely okay.  But all new buildings being built must have a working HVAC unit before opening.

HVAC Repair Jobs

2017 calls for more HVAC repair in Wilmington, NC

This year has reported more HVAC repair Wilmington NC jobs being performed than years before.  There are many speculations why this service is on a sudden surge.  But there is one speculation that everyone seems to agree on.  That agreement comes on the fact that their was a very warm winter here causing the HVAC units to work overtime.

Many people were not aware of the fact that continuous heat beating down on your heating and cooling unit can do sufficient damage over time.  The heat causes your HVAC unit to have to work extra hard to keep itself from overheating many times resulting in a blown motor.  This seems to be a constant issue this year according to the local HVAC repair companies in the area.  Although this a problem that can be fixed rather easily, it still can hit the pockets pretty hard of those home owners.