New Buildings In Wilmington, NC

The 1 thing all new buildings in Wilmington, NC must have!

Every new building in the greater Wilmington area must have HVAC Wilmington NC installed in it.  There is no way you can open the new building to the public if you have not had this system installed yet.  Without an HVAC unit you cannot assure the comfort of your customers, employees or residents.  This is why there is a new requirement on all of the new buildings being built within the Wilmington, NC metropolitan area.

Now, if you been around for years and you do not have an HVAC system in place there is nothing anyone can do.  There are many small stores that use fans to maintain the comfort of their location.  This is the procedure they have been exercising for years and that is completely okay.  But all new buildings being built must have a working HVAC unit before opening.

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